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Black History Fashion: Blaxploitation

Are you as inspired by the 70s as we are? One of our favorite things about the decade was the emergence of Blaxploitation a film genre that became popular in theaters. When studios… Continue reading

Black Fashion History: Andre Leon Talley

Words by Tasha Mercer, #styleSPLOITATION Contributor When we hear the word grandiose, André Leon Talley comes to mind. It’s all about his confident, six-foot stature, and influential trendsetting wardrobe. André Leon Talley was… Continue reading

Black Fashion History: Stephen Burrows

Words by Tasha Mercer, #styleSPLOITATION Contributor Stephen Burrows has definitely made a name for himself as one of the first African-American designer to receive recognition for his contributions in the fashion industry. Burrows,… Continue reading

#AllBlack – LBD (Little Black Dress)

A classic and always in style go-to for the Holidays is the LBD (little black dress). We’ve curated a few of our favorites with shopping info below. Take a look and be inspired:… Continue reading

#DateNight – Like a Rock Princess

There’s always something innately sexy about that alternative edgy girl who knows who she is and walks in her truth. She’s the cool girl in school who moves with confidence and sophistication. She… Continue reading

#AllBlack – BOOTS

Boot season is the best season in our opinion. Whether your style is classic, contemporary, rock, or even minimalist – in boots, there’s always something for everyone. For the #AllBlack section, let’s check… Continue reading