Menswear: 100 Years of Swimwear

Swimwear is a thing – just in case you didn’t know. And with menswear being a formidable part of the industry, it’s become just as important to find the right kind of trunks… Continue reading

Prince of Fashion: How the Artist Made Statements in Purple

The team at #styleSPLOITATION is saddened by the passing of Prince who was truly an icon of music AND fashion. Check out osme of his best looks below:

Shoppables: TWEED

Spring can be tricky which is why resort and prefall collections are the most wearable. During this season, it can be cold one day and hot the next. My advice is to always… Continue reading

Spring Fashion: Shoes

Words by Tasha Mercer, #styleSPLOITATION Contributor Shoes! Every girl’s favorite. Now that Spring is here it’s definitely time to transition into something trendy, sexy and comfortable. Nude strapped sandals, mules, and boxed heels,… Continue reading

Spring Fashion: Dresses

Words by Tasha Mercer, #styleSPLOITATION Contributor   Yes! Spring is slowly approaching and we all need a few dresses in our closet to rock this season. A lot of us have been waiting… Continue reading

Spring Fashion: Jackets

Words by Tasha Mercer, #styleSPLOITATION Contributor One thing about Spring is we never know when we will need a jacket. But on those hot days we can get away with a fitted denim… Continue reading

Black History Fashion: Blaxploitation

Are you as inspired by the 70s as we are? One of our favorite things about the decade was the emergence of Blaxploitation a film genre that became popular in theaters. When studios… Continue reading

Black Fashion History: Andre Leon Talley

Words by Tasha Mercer, #styleSPLOITATION Contributor When we hear the word grandiose, AndrĂ© Leon Talley comes to mind. It’s all about his confident, six-foot stature, and influential trendsetting wardrobe. AndrĂ© Leon Talley was… Continue reading

Black Fashion History: Stephen Burrows

Words by Tasha Mercer, #styleSPLOITATION Contributor Stephen Burrows has definitely made a name for himself as one of the first African-American designer to receive recognition for his contributions in the fashion industry. Burrows,… Continue reading

Date Night: A Night at the Theater (MEN)

The theater is one of the most popular dating venues. People get to see a show and maybe afterwards, they can talk about whether they loved it or hated it. Either way, you’ll… Continue reading