#GiftGuide BAGS

Looking for last minute luxury that you spend your life in? Check out our curated list of handbags. This list is short because we wanted to bring you some old classics and mix them with other quality brands that you may have seen, but haven’t purchased yet. Each of these bags have been worn and tested by our editors to give you an honest review. We tried about 15 bags to give you this list of five in the hopes that you’ll purchase from the designer knowing that you’re getting quality and luxurious opulence at its best. #styleSPLOITATION presents: The Bag List


The Heliconia Tote by MAPA Columbia

This bag comes in several colors, but the burgundy and Marsala blend is the bag we had which is right on trend with it being Pantone’s big color of the season. But the color is the only trendy thing about this bag. It’s all classic and the streamlined design and mixing of exotics, makes it a throwback to the high voltage glamour of the 70s. It’s easy to handle and big enough to fit everything, just in case you carry your life in your bag like us. $1450 available here at mapacollective.com


Kensington Snake Hobo by Henri Bendel

A hobo with a practical touch and feel is the name of the game with this bag. It’s all about the touch and feel – after all, you’re carrying this bag for hours at a time, sometimes longer. Well this bag can stand the test of time. The snake embossed leather gives you the luxury look with the more relatable skin in black which still, after all of these years, goes with everything. $498 available here at henribendel.com


Hanbury textured-leather tote by Mallet & Co

It’s a new kind of traditional bag with the classic shape of a tote, but it’s the little details that make the largest impression. The mushroom textured leather in taupe makes this an everyday bag with some serious regal luxury. The color is great for bags because of its neutrality, but more than that, this bag specifically satisfies all of your fantasies about the career woman who wants luxury and durability. $1,475 available here at net-a-porter.com


Boy Chanel Flap Bag by Chanel

Chanel doesn’t need a review because in our book here at #styleSPLOITATION, everything they make is perfect. But the Boy bag takes it on another level. The most successful brands have a strong story behind them. And just in case you’re not as obsessed with Chanel as we are, let us be the first to tell you that Boy was her lover and he started what Chanel became with Coco herself. This bag tells that epic love story all wrapped up in a flap with chain embellishment. It’s history and heritage in a chic bag with one hell of a collection of colors. Price available upon request at select Chanel Boutiques.


TERESA TOTE by Sara Battaglia

Sara is one of our favorite bag designers because she does embellishment really well. The Teresa Tote has fringe for days, but the color makes it relatable and not overpowering. The apple-green interior gives it that added bit of luxury, but the calf skin leather makes it one of those bags that if taken care of, can be worn with longevity. €1,125 available here at sarabattaglia.com