#HowTo: Topshop’s The Art of Layering

One of the best things about the fall and winter is layering. It gives you the most fabulous opportunity to wear a lot of your favorite things all at once. And when it gets too warm, you can remove a layer. Doing so makes it possible to show different levels of chic. We’ve curated some of our favorite layered pieces to wear on top and under other items to create eclectic looks. All of these items are available for purchase at Topshop.


  1. MOTO Indigo Denim Trench Coat 2. Sleeveless Faux Fur Hybrid Coat 3. Checked Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat


  1. Tweedy Fringe Jacket and Dress 2. Belted ’70s Suit Jacket and Flares 3. Double Breasted Jacket and Cropped Flare Trousers


  1. Contrast Rib V-Neck Jumper 2. Premium Fit And Flare Sweater Dress 3. Chevron Colour Block Sweatshirt